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Massage Therapist, Brandi Nelson

Brandi Nelson,CAMT, LMT, has been practicing Therapeutic Massage Therapy since 2003. She is certified in Advanced Myofascial Techniques and specializes in Craniosacral Therapy. Other specialties include TMJD massage (including inner mouth work), Pregnancy, Pediatrics and Sports/Clinical Massage. Because of Brandi's extensive training in Myofascial work she is able to work in detail on client's chronic pain "spots," therefore offering longer lasting relief than traditional massage techniques.

Brandi's success in Massage Therapy comes from her educated background and intuitive nature. She makes it her consistent goal to let go of the "plan" and let the client's body guide her to the next step. Dealing with chronic pain can take the quality from your everyday life. Schedule your appointment today and experience how Golden Touch Massage Therapy can help you get back to living the life you want, free from pain and restriction..

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Brandi Nelson, CAMT, LMT giving a massage.

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"Brandi's in-depth knowledge of myofascial release was superior and the results very long lasting for chronic soft tissue injuries. She is communicative and checks in to ensure the client is comfortable and educated on technique. I am very grateful to have had her recommended to me and highly recommend her now myself." - K.F.

"Brandi has been helping/guiding me in resolving an injured hamstring - she's given great advise and her massages have helped tremendously with the healing. Thank you!!!!"- Lisa M.

"I've had massages in the past, but none like I received at Golden Touch with Brandi. She was very thorough, explained what she was doing and it was amazing! I highly recommend Brandi!" - B.P.

"Brandi again did her work so smoothly and with such a gentle but deeply firm flow. I was a bit achy soon after for an hour or so but then felt wonderful and had a great hike up Round Top in Belgrade a couple of days later with no pain and no pain pills--- unusual given my usually crunchy stiff arthritic 67 year old hips, knees and ankles." - k.k.

"Great massage. Aside from the ¨relax¨aspect of my massage, Brandi was also able to professionaly focus on two problem areas ... a torn hamstring injury, and a serious knot in my upper back. Good atmosphere ... clean and pleasant facility. One of the better massages I have had ... and I have had a lot." - Bob Lechler

"Brandi is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her work. I had the best massage from her magical hands. She concentrated on my problem areas, neck and lower back. I felt like a new person when she was done. She also helped me with breathing to relax the knots in my muscles. It was sooo therapeutic AND relaxing I almost fell asleep. I would highly recommend her." - N.W.